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The Spend Money category is ideal for those who would like to feel rich. Unfortunately, not everyone has a chance to fulfill such a dream. That is why such challenges are in great demand and attention. Here players will be able to meet various famous personalities with large incomes. Some are no longer alive, but they definitely don’t mind sharing their amounts.

Relax and shop!

By choosing one of the games, users will be able to watch a huge list of products. This could be regular food, such as a hamburger, pizza or a cup of coffee. But there will also be various decorative items, such as lamps, paintings, crocodile leather sofas and more. If you love clothes, then we hasten to please you that it is also here.

But what surprises players the most are the very expensive features. This includes yachts, mansions with several floors, sports cars and more. In addition, Spend Money participants will be able to buy restaurants with amazing cuisine. Or do you want to join well-known companies or brands? Become their new masters and feel the power!

Since you will have at least a billion dollars in your account, this gives some advantage. Even if you buy all the goods in one piece, you will have more than half the amount left. For this reason, participants will be able to choose the number of purchases. In these games, no one cares why you decided to take about 400 cheeseburgers or 18 headphones!

Cool celebrities!

The Spend Money category invites each guest to plunge into the lives of famous people. It could be Billie Eilish, Mark Zuckerberg or others. Each of them earned a certain number of papers throughout their lives. Just imagine what will happen if all their income is cashed out right now! One can only envy such a paradise, so feel it at least for a few minutes.

Each of these personalities has their own unique receipt. But in any case, it will bring great pleasure! In such games you can just relax and forget about all the problems that exist in reality. What will you spend your first million on? It doesn’t matter what it is, the main thing is that you get the right emotions from it.

Additionally, fans will not be governed by rules or restrictions. Unless we’re talking about budget. No one can stop you from shopping mindlessly! Enjoy this atmosphere and feel like someone who can afford such strange but pleasant entertainment! Will you be able to reach zero? Hurry up, do it, and then start again!