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You will not find such an accumulation of insurance phobias anywhere else. Here are collected all the most psychedelic applications from the entire network. A huge number of pursuers who are waiting for you in abandoned estates. Clinical cases of curing children’s fears.

You will be able to face your phobias if one day you find yourself in one of these games. Well, or if you remain an adherent of the Horror genre from the very beginning. Then the most incredible new items from this series have been selected for you.

You don’t have to surf endless sites looking for the right entertainment for the evening. This has already been done for you and for you. Open the curtains to the many secrets that keep a variety of locations.

Here you have a strange kindergarten in which the children disappeared. And a huge laboratory of mad scientists in which ugly experiments are carried out. And huge hospitals in which God knows what is going on.

You will be able to go through each of these stories if you are not afraid. These games are somewhere on the verge between reality and insanity. If you like to experience this kind of adrenaline, then Horror is an offer just for you. An uncountable number of strangely acting heroes who will haunt you even with the screens turned off.