Top games

All the most uncomplicated and simple often turns out to be interesting. This genre is very different from others and is always in demand among users. It is very compact, unobtrusive, easy to understand and manage. There are no ornate plots or sky-high castles.

You are unlikely to find a huge set of relics here or an ugly evil genius who is trying to conquer the world. But in IO you can meet small harmless characters like a snake or a spider. There may be small fish, birds, squares, or even spinners.

But the interest in these games is won by the multiplayer mode, which is so highly valued by users of all ages and statuses. Now you can team up with your friends to take the top of the standings.

In addition to simplicity, the main advantage of such games is the ability to simple control. Here I need to get acquainted with the rules for a long time or study the keyboard. Just press the start button and you are already involved in amazing adventures.

The most important thing is to leave behind all your rivals and take a position that is called leadership. And do it in such a way that your opponents can’t even reach your result. There are so many such applications that even the world’s servers do not know how many there really are. But we can offer you most of them.