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Baldi’s Basics is a challenge that will force you to discover your hidden talents. Players will go to school, where they will meet an evil teacher. He is too smart for this world and does not like those who are stupid. So get ready to test your knowledge under his supervision! There is a strange and tense atmosphere here that can gradually drive you crazy.


In this game, users will cross the threshold of a college to find 7 notebooks. Each of them will contain tasks with a mathematical bias. Fans must quickly do the math in their heads and write the answer. If it is incorrect, then be prepared to receive punishment! This dude will test your reflexes, so don’t screw it up!


Here you will subtract, add, divide, multiply, etc. But also in Baldi’s Basics, participants can receive more than just such responsibilities. Be quiet so as not to be seen by the enemy! Try to escape from this insidious monster and stay sane!


Players will not only collect items such as keys, but also much more. In this game it is very important to be vulnerable and also to take your time. Almost everything here depends on what decision you make. Don’t make mistakes and think twice about doing something! Won’t you chicken out?