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Incredible stories of a wide variety of characters who were exposed in mini-applications. Indie projects are created by far from well-known developers who can invest little in their offspring. But on the other hand, they have the most important thing – fantasy and the desire to create a high-quality unique product.

It is for this quality that users adore these applications. The most important accents are well placed here. Carefully thought-out controls and graphics that will surprise the largest gaming corporation. In addition, large-format plots are a distinctive feature. These stories turn into huge epics that hook gamers from all over the world.

With the help of incredible efforts, developers breathe new life into their heroes. And these heroes become not only a part of the game, but also a part of your own life. It is these selections that are most in demand among advanced players.

They definitely know the price of such efforts, and are ready to appreciate them. Indie says goodbye to minor flaws that are covered by amazing strengths. Among them there are many fightings, battles, strategy and shooting games.

This genre is no stranger to persecution. And they certainly know what a good puzzle is. Now imagine that all of the above is nested in one directory. There is nothing more detailed and polished than a masterfully crafted story about how to succeed without anything. At the same time without losing their identity.