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Gravity Falls is a computer challenge which was created based on the famous cartoon. Here players can immerse themselves in a world of adventure, riddles and secrets characteristic of an amazing universe. Everyone will be able to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere and endless fun! Will you be able to become participants in all the guys’ adventures? They will never be forgotten and will become the best memories of your life!


Players are sent on various missions and tasks throughout the town and its surroundings. Explore mysterious places while interacting with characters from the animations and solving puzzles. These games feature all the protagonists such as the Pines family, Stan and Ford, and others comrades. Users can interact with them and use their unique abilities in various situations.Perhaps one day they will save a life!

Inspired by the series, the challenges include various riddles and mysteries. By solving them, players will be able to advance through the story and uncover the secrets of Gravity Falls. It won’t always be easy, so make the effort! Some entertainment in this category may include a multiplayer mode. This will allow fans to compete or collaborate with friends in a variety of tests. Come up with a plan and strategies that will allow you to achieve good results!

The best stories!

The games are based on the adventures of the funny twins, who spend their hot vacation with their uncle Stan. In this mysterious place they encounter various secrets, riddles and even supernatural creatures. Players explore various locations, solve codes, and more to find out the truth of the mystical universe. What are you capable of to complete the levels?

The main heroes will face unique and dangerous monsters that threaten the civilians of Gravity Falls. Users will have to fight them using the unique skills and abilities of the heroes. Explore locations around the city, such as forests, caves, abandoned buildings and ancient artifacts. They reveal the stories and secrets associated with these places.

Fans can participate in various competitions and mini-games organized in this strange universe. This could be car racing, shooting, or even magic festivals. Help cool characters in their adventures and solve all the problems that arise along the way! Immerse yourself in this world and enjoy the atmosphere! Let’s bet you can’t do it all in one day?