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A huge number of bright and unique outfits that you can try on your favorite dolls. You can create your own character, which you see after and introduce to your friends. Get together with your company and get acquainted with the For Girls catalog. In this brightly pink world, every lady will find something for herself.

You can end up in a school and have to attend classes and outsmart the teachers. At recess, you will be able to manage your own animals, which are right in your pocket. After that, you can go to the fashion studio. And already there to create a cool outfit for your evening at the disco. Games about incredible girly adventures.

Here you will learn the elementary rules of women’s etiquette, which will come in handy in adulthood more than ever. You will gradually get acquainted with the rules of personal care: cosmetics, outfits and hygiene. In these games, you will create your first cookbook of recipes that will remain in your memory for a long time.

Here will be the first soup you cook and the first baked pizza as a housewife. You can try out a wide variety of roles. Learn from childhood to clean the house and keep your animal clean. Create your new For Girls pink universe without leaving your screen.