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The developer of this story did not even hope for such popularity among the players. On This story erupted like a bolt from the blue and surprised all professional space users and even amateurs.

There is not a single adult and not a single child who does not know the history of the animatronics. Multiple diverse characters that surprise you in every part. If you know firsthand about this plot, then the FNAF compilation will come in handy more than ever.

If you are just trying to get acquainted, then rather look for the first chapter. The madness of iron cars looks like a real uprising among the civilian population. And what can the simplest outstanding person do with these machines?

Find clues to unravel the mysteries of this small world. Offer your options for the development of events and unravel this knot in a way convenient for you. This game will be a challenge even for the most avid gamers who constantly surf the Internet. No one has remained indifferent to the history of FNAF.

Here you will find iron bears, crazed hares, and many other steel animals. Each of them is trying to chase you and kill you. But even among them there are traitors who take your side. Do you want to know whose support you can enlist?