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Digital Circus is an amazing challenge that combines shooter, platformer and puzzle. The plot takes place in a virtual universe created by a mysterious and brilliant programmer. In this territory, players face unique challenges and secrets. In addition, they will have to uncover a fascinating conflict between the dark and light sides of this universe.

Main characters!

This game features a diverse ensemble of characters, each of whom plays a key role in the development of the story and interaction with the player. The Digitus Magister is the creator of the entire virtual world. Its goal is to surprise and test the skills of users by creating unique challenges and riddles. During the process, you will uncover the secrets of his past and try to understand his true intentions.

Eclipsa is a dark digital entity seeking to seize control of the entire territory. She serves as an antagonist and creates obstacles, enemies, etc. to hinder the players on their journey. Kiro has special skills that allow him to overcome various challenges and solve puzzles in the game. Aurora reveals additional aspects of the plot and provides necessary clues.

Also in Digital Circus is Jackal, who is a hacker and skilled fighter. He acts as Kiro’s mentor, teaching him his skills. He may also provide information about the director’s mysterious past. Each of the characters form complex and exciting dynamics. They add elements of intrigue, friendship and struggle for digital reality.

Fascinating story!

The plot of Digital Circus develops in a fascinating universe created by a mysterious programmer. The main character finds himself in this labyrinth, deprived of memories of his past. During the process, he meets the mysterious Pomni guide and begins his journey, uncovering the secrets of this place.

Eclipse, the dark side, seeks to seize control of the entire world and subject it to destruction. In this fight, players must solve puzzles, fight enemies, and explore amazing levels. Will you be able to prevent the threat and return thoughts of the life that was before? Over time, Kiro will discover unique abilities.

Characters such as Pomni and other allies help the main character on his journey by providing necessary information and support. This game is filled with unexpected twists, creating an exciting experience. Will you be able to cope with all the errands without going crazy? Good luck!